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About Us

mʌtʃ is an artist collective

based in Innsbruck / Kufstein, Austria

mʌtʃ  was born on 22 02 2022

The members of the group are:

Gergő Bánkúti (HU)

Ina Hsu (AT/TW)

Stèf Belleu (FR/CA)



group mats * künstlergruppe matsch

künstlergruppe matsch hund dog three head group mats matsch clay ceramic experimental artgroup mud glaze art

What is mʌtʃ ?

mʌtʃ (German: matsch) deriving from the word 'mud': soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water. A natural element and the source of our favoured working material: clay. Every single artwork of mʌtʃ is created by the three of us together – going through an unexpected and cheerful journey of our six hands. We adopted our name in this form using the International Phonetic Alphabet to highlight the union of the group with our three members of different cultural backgrounds. As soil and water mix into one, it transforms. Our working attitude is also based on transformation - both in a biological and in a mythological sense. mʌtʃ nurtures a philosophy in which animals, plants and humans live together in cohabitation, where archaic symbols remind us that we all carry a mark from the same origin, bringing us - and hopefully the audience - together. In these difficult times of social fractures, we think it is crucial to find ways to work collectively and to stay sustainable in a playful way, just as kids in a muddy playground.

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