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faces of mʌtʃ

Gergő Bánkúti

Painting, Ceramics

'I decided to join this group because I like to try out new things and since I'm making art with kids as well, I've learnt how fun working together could be. Thinking and creating with the others is really liberating and enlightening, opening new horizons.'


Ceramics, Painting

'I'm really excited to be part of mʌtʃ. Pens, brushes, scissors and glue, walks in the forest, busy dogs and cat, struggles and giggles, chaotic teens, round and round, dirty hands, flowers and moss in a box… mʌtʃ is a way of life!'

Ina Hsu

Painting, Installation

'I love to brainstorm and grow together by our projects and to exchange and learn from each other. I like the freedom to try out different materials and to experiment. It reminds me a lot of my art school days. I love painting together, creating and feeling the flow at the moment. I love being in the gang.'

ex - members:



Painting, Graphic

"I can take new paths, I can make something to change, I am a human and I will try to do my best. Sometimes I am tired, sometimes not, most of the time I make mistakes, I paint, I make music, I draw.
Why I'm in the group? Because sharing and learning with Ina and Gergő is nice and it has a big meaning to me."

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